What is Structured Water?

Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ flow-form maximizes the action of a mountain stream creating what is referred to in nature, as a double vortex. Meaning, that when you drink a glass of water, or you bath or shower in water that has flowed through Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ products, you are getting the same energetic, life-enhancing properties, you would find in nature’s water. Increased hydration, Increased skin and hair health, Improved growth of crops, Lower water surface tension ,Reduces pipe corrosion, Healthier gardens and livestock, Improves illness immunity, Detoxifies pollutants.

What Structuring does to your water

Why Do We Need Stem Cells?


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As we age, the body releases fewer and fewer adult stem cells which are the body's rebuilding tools.

Stem cell nutrition helps overcome the aging process by promoting the release of additional adult stem cells in the body. We have testimonials from dozens of people from doctors, everyday folks. 

We even have seen results on how stem cell nutrition helps animals. Get your own testimonial book FREE with your first order of Vita-Stim™ !  Or simply fill out this form to get the whole story....  

Why do we need Stem Cells?

Stem cells function to replenish dead or lost cells in areas of the body, as needed. This could occur in the organ where the stem cell resides or in other organs. For example, bone marrow stem cells (also referred to as hematopoietic stem cells) would be able to replenish lost blood and provide new immune cells during infection.

At the same time, stem cells have the capacity to detect damaged organs and migrate to repair the injured tissues. 

Another example is neural stem cells (brain). It is suspected that they may play a role in brain repair following injury and also in the replacement of dying neurons (brain cells). These subjects are the focus of active research in labs around the world.

How Vita-Stim Stem Cell Nutrition Support It Works

Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition goes far beyond the daily specialty vitamins many people take in addition to what they eat. The whole food aspect, as well as special water soluble extracts, provide a composition of:

1. All 18 amino acids which are the body's basic building blocks

2. All major minerals

3. More than 50 trace minerals

4. At least 12 key vitamins needed for incorporation

5. Important unsaturated fatty acids

6. Natural anti-oxidant protecting ingredients

7. Natural neuro modulating ingredients

All of these act together, at the same time, to aid the body go about its natural work to repair and maintain by increaing your own adult stem cells. The key ingredients are derived from high quality and purified Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and Phycocyanin rich Arthrospira platensis, products derived from the sea to perpetuate life.

In a bottle, there are 60 capsules, each containing 750 mg., meaning just two capsules a day as a serving will last one month. Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition is made not only to better life, but also to simplify it."

Try A One Month Supply NOW For $39.95 plus $5.95 Shipping And Handling. It is offered under a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee that if you do not see or feel some result after taking this product for at least 30 days, you can receive a Full Refund, No Questions Asked and No Fine Print.