What is Structured Water?

Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ flow-form maximizes the action of a mountain stream creating what is referred to in nature, as a double vortex. Meaning, that when you drink a glass of water, or you bath or shower in water that has flowed through Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water™ products, you are getting the same energetic, life-enhancing properties, you would find in nature’s water. Increased hydration, Increased skin and hair health, Improved growth of crops, Lower water surface tension ,Reduces pipe corrosion, Healthier gardens and livestock, Improves illness immunity, Detoxifies pollutants.

What Structuring does to your water

Miracle Serum ~ JDI International

Some of the Many Benefits of:  

Can provide immediate pain relief to sore joints and muscles

Can be applied multiple times daily as required to sore areas

Can invigorate scalp to stimulate hair follicles for growth

Can decrease hair loss from splitting

Can act as a grooming aid for hair and increase sheen

Can refresh face upon application

Can provide face with a firming tone

Can be used for each purpose individually or all at same time

No odor, No staining

Easy to dispense

No internal side effects as possible with ingested drugs

Designed to easily penetrate the skin and provide bio-available oxygen in a clear get form.

MSM is a key natural compound found in human cells. 

Every ingredient has a natural function. It is assisted in penetration by the oxygenated water and urea compound. MSM has demonstrated numerous topical effects such as pain relief, scalp and hair conditioning and facial toning. 

The urea compound causes skin cells deep below the surface to attract, absorb and hold moisture better. Iodopropynyl butyl carbamate prevents or retards bacterial growth, thereby protecting cosmetics and personal-care products from spoilage. The acrylates assist in the gel formation while the sodium hydroxide aids in bringing skin surfaces to proper pH balance. Polysorbate 20 is a safe surfactant that helps to naturally disperse all of the ingredients.

If you just want to use it for muscle or joint pain, you will find it works fast and easy.

No fuss, no mess, no smell, just fast PAIN RELIEF! 

If you just want to use it for your scalp and hair, you will be amazed at the results. Look better groomed and invigorate your hair follicles. 

If you just want to use it for your face, you’ll love our incomparable natural approach to eliminating/reducing facial wrinkles without the need for painful Botox* injections. The glowing result is pliable and refreshed skin that keeps you looking young!

JDI™ Three In One™ Miracle Serum™

Prove To Yourself Why We Call It A MIRACLE SERUM!!!

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           JDI Three In One Miracle Serum™